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Apple TV User Guide

1) How to connect Apple TV, your TV and your computer wireless network?
2) How to sync the content from iTunes to Apple TV, and play video/music on your big TV?
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Part1: Connect TV, Apple TV and wireless PC network

1. Connect Apple TV to your TV
With an HDMI cable, you can connnect Apple TV to your widescreen TV easily. You can also connect them using component video and audio.

connect apple tv to big tv via HDMI component audio/video cable

2. (Wireless) Connect your PC to Apple TV
Apple TV is bulit-in 802.11 wireless capability, you can sync your video, songs, photos from iTunes to Apple TV with ease and enjoy them on the couch if you have an existing wireless network. If you have no this, you can build up one or connect Apple TV to your computer via an Ethernet cable.

PC to Apple TV sync

Part2: Put video/songs on Apple TV via iTunes

You can sync media to Apple TV from up to 5 computers. Run iTunes and Apple TV will appear in the devices list. Set iTunes' sync mode to what you like (unwatched movies, new purchases, or manually), Apple TV will update automatically once iTunes library changes.

iTunes to Apple TV


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